In rural areas Culture is most often seen as a challenge. But at the same time rural areas offer plenty of opportunities for unique cultural activities and the demand for cultural activities increases. Where would a concert be more magical and beautiful than in a green atmospheric place? Louisa Diederichs loves to organize uncommon events at excusive locations. On the grounds of castle Türnich in Kerpen she organized a charity dinner in 2018, at which all guests were taken with the atmospheric location and the overall concept of the event. The dinner was characterized by the historic place in the countryside, a organic catering accompanied by live music and an interesting introduction in the history of this place. Nature and future perspectives of the foundation of castle Türnich were given by count Severin Hoensbroech.


Inspired by this experience, Louisa Diederichs went to work for the family of the counts Bernstorff in the Wendland in 2019, one of the most remote and for her most exiting regions in Germany. Influenced by the nuclear resistance in this area, she met an extremely culturally interested audience here and set up the “Salon Abseits” featuring living room concerts with organic catering directly from the castle kitchen including specialties from the castle’s own game manufactory. These events brought together weekend guest from Hamburg, Berlin and locals who listend to  musicians on the castle courtyard while enjoying a glas of wine, a delicious buffet, cosy sofas and sitting areas, and fire in the fireplace.

Furthermore Louisa Diederichs started the acquisition of monetary support for the Bernstorffs’ major cultural project „Zehntspeicher“. The historic granary, is to become one of the most beautiful event locations in Wendland, housing the “Westwendischer Kunstverein” with its art work, and cultural and social events. Louisa Diederichs went to the Salmuth family in Eibenhof in 2020 to also organizse a cultural programm there. She accompanied events such as the “Meistersängerkurs” with vocal coach Kirsten Schötteldreyer and tenor Burkhard Fritz and the film festival “Film ohne Grenzen”. […]

She focused on increasing the visibility of events by producing short clips of the events. She developed a digital online marketing strategy and updated the website and social media chanels. She designed brochures for the event location and the holiday flats. Together with Dr. Angela Grabley and Max von Huelsen she developed the cultural programm for 2021. Here, too, the aim was to involve local musicians and to create a sophisticated, sustainable and at the same time atmospheric overall event.


Gut Eibenhof
Bad Saarow, Brandenburg

At Gut Eibenhof Louisa Diederichs developed together with Dr. Angela Grabley and Max von Huelsen the 2021 cultural programm for the event location of Eibenhof Bad Saarow. Amongst other things, she accompanied the opera “Meistersängerkurs” by vocal coach Kirsten Schötteldreyer and tenor Burkhard Fritz, as well as the film festival “Film ohne Grenzen”. She focused on the online marketing and digital accompaniment of events with video clips on social media. She designed brochures for renting out the event location and the holiday flats of Eibenhof Estate and updated the website.


Eibenhof AG & Co. KG, Bad Saarow 2020

  • Cultural management 2020
  • organisation and realization of concerts and events in the cultural location of Eibenhof
  • Planning and Organizing the saison 2021
  • developement of the social media marketing

Gräflich Bernstorff´sche Betriebe
Gartow, Wendland

In 2019 Louisa Diedereichs went to the family of counts Bernstorff and developed the „Salon Abseits“, a salon for livingroom concerts and exquisite organic Catering of the castle citchen. In a cosy atmosphere on the properties of castle Bernstorff there were great cosy concerts. Furthermore Louisa Diederichs focused on the acquise for the big cultural project the „Zehntspeicher“, an old granary, which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful eventlocations in Wendland in the future with a divers programm, sustainable and supporting the region.


Gräflich Bernstorff´sche Betriebe, Gartow 2019

  • developement and realization of „Salon Abseits“, living room concerts and catering of the castle kitchen
  • Open Air concerts „Cuban night“ in the church´s garden
  • acquisition of monetary support for the cultural eventlocation the granary „Zehntspeicher“
  • developement of the online marketing and social media

Castle Türnich
Kerpen, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Louisa Diederichs developed and organized an exclusive charity dinner for the Kultur- und Naturstiftung Schloss Türnich in 2018. The organic catering of the castle kitchen led the guests through stations around the castle. A lecture by Severin Graf Hoensbroech and a musical setting of cimbalom and piano rounded off the evening, which generated an exceptionally positive mood among the guests. The experience left its mark on Louisa Diederichs and was the catalyst for her to increasingly turn to historic rural locations as event and concert venues and to conceive the idea of an overall concept for culture in rural areas.


Kultur- und Naturstiftung Schloss Türnich, Kerpen 2018

  • Developement and realization of a charity dinner on the grounds of the castle
  • lecture about goals of the castle foundation for culture and nature, musical setting, organic catering of the castle kitchen