Spernova – cinematic cultural communication

„Supernova – cinematic cultural communication“ was found by Louisa Diederichs and Justus Haufe 2016 during their studies in Bayreuth. They want to put the focus to east- and middle Europe and unite two cultures like Czech and Germany. […]

The projects take place every year in different forms, but they always implicit cultural exchange, digital formats, involvement of the audience and a documentation camera.

People of different cultures work on a toppic, aks questions, have a creative and exiting time. They made for example an exhibition about the toppic „home“, or they make a hinking tour with toppic „Identity“ along the German-Czech border, […]

or they install a Live-Stream about a art performance, to make people from Czech and Germany come together in times of Corona Virus. Louisa Diederichs and Justus Haufe are the creative heads of Supernova and make the organisation and realisation of it.

intermedial Live-Stream, „Space Pandemics“

The German-Czech Livestream in december 2020 was a multilayer digital project. It was about a art performance, a moderation and interaction with the audience.
Czech and German people send their videos, made with smartphones, to Supernova, talking about their life with the Corona virus. Three artists Petra Hulova (reading), Petr Vrba (music) and Jiri Havlicek (video art) from Prag created an art performance out of it with LIVE reading, music and videoart. The Live Performance was operated from Bayreuth, where Louisa Diederichs and Justus Haufe moderated the Livestream from. The Audience could get in touch with the artists through a video live chat, to make an interactive discussion possible. Everything was translated German-Czech.

Supernova 2020 „Space Pandemics“

  • Leading, Developement and acquisition of monetary support and realizing of the intermedial Livestream „Space Pandemics“
  • Live interaction with the audience
  • Live broadcast of the art performance from Czech to Germany

Supernova „Identity Hiking Tour“
among the german czech border

Across a German-Czech border hiked a young czech-german team, lead by Louisa Diederichs and Justus Haufe, the toppic tour was about finding „identity“. At the tour they passed stations as the Asian Dragon Bazar, where Vietnamese families sell articles for domestic homes and textiles. The „Resl-Haus“ where the stories about „Resl and her stigma“  make a village famous, the church Maria Loreto and the ceramic family Hart and the lake Jessenice, where old houses and their stories will be forgotten on the bottom of the lake. On the hiking tour, the group meets lots of people, who get part of the tour of the Question for „Identity“. A documentation camera witnesses the tour and on various stations they get live with a 360° camera to share experiences of the journey with the audience at the Facebook Chanel.


Supernova 2019 „Identität“

  • Leading, developement and acquisition of monetary support and realizing of the 360° hiking tour about the toppic „identity“ along the german czech border
  • 360° camera and Livestream at divers stations of the hiking tour
  • cinematic interaction with people along the path

„Home“ intermedial exhibition

What is home? And how does it look like? And for who? Supernova leaves 2017 the German borders, to go into a small village in Czech. The team is a mix out of german and czech young people, lead by Louisa Diederichs and Justus Haufe. They get in touch with the inhabitants of the village and try to find out more about „home“. The people have divers  opinions about that topic and they give a pillow, music and liquor as „part of home“. The team creates an exhibition with this items and invite all inhabitants to it, to get deeper into the discussion and the difficult tpoic „home“, they produce a movie out of the footage they collectes during the trip in the village and show them at the exhibition, a cheerful exchange with the inhabitants follows.


Supernova „Home“ intermedial exhibition

  • Leading, developement and acquisition of monetary support and realizing an intermedial exhibition about „home“
  • Intermedial Workshop in the czech village Svrzno about „home“
  • cinematic interaction with the inhabitants of the village
  • developement of an intermedial exhibition in the village Svrzno